Hello there,

Welcome to A Lifestyle and Culture Blog - more or less

I just wanted to make a blog that shares the experience and knowledge I've acquired within the 25 years of my life as an "other." 

What is Living The Other? Well, you could google for the scientific definition of it, but to put it simply - like that bird all by its lonesome in the picture to our left here - it's the part of your identity where you are very consciously aware of being "the other." 

So this blog aims to share experience and thoughts and notions that are rooted from that very concept. 

If you've lived your life moving from country to country, changing friends and homes more than once, then your identity is probably shaped on an awareness of being the "other."

If you've been working or studying or just living in an environment where the opposite sex dominates, then you probably know what it feels like to be the "other" too.

Everyone can identify as the other at some point in their lives. I just find that the degree of that consciousness varies drastically depending on the life you've lived.

Nothing posted on this site is by any means based on professional opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone or any group through my posts. This platform is just a mechanism in which I may explore my own voice, share that, and possibly even positively affect my readers, or if not, then, perhaps someone out there can simply identify with my words and sentiments.